Who we are:

Black Dirt Theater is a group of passionate people, who have a vision of the future where using creativity to serve others and create connections in the Hastings area become one in the same.

Our current Executive Board of Directors are: 

  • Michael- President 
  • Pam- Vice President 
  • Julie- Treasurer 
  • Danielle- Secretary 

Others on the Board of Directors are: 

  • Brad 
  • Danna 
  • Dave 
  • Lori 

Why we do what we do:

Each day, Black Dirt Theater brings people together across audiences, casts, and throughout the community to empower people with everyday creativity.

Board of Directors:

Our board of directors is a group of dedicated individuals from various areas of our community. They are committed to the responsible governance of Black Dirt Theater as well as growing its capacity. We are currently accepting applications for new board members. Apply for the board by clicking the button below.

    Contact the Board: 

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