The Odd Couple

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It takes two to make a rotten marriage

This well-known comedy portrays the friendship and angst of two men who have a common need for each other, even though they approach the world in completely different ways. 

October 26 - November 4, 2012


Diogo Lopez -  Director
Steve Soler - Stage Manager
Ursula K. Bowden - Set Design
Per Olson - Lighting Designer
Claire Burkitt - Costumer
Mikaela Vogland - Wardrobe Mistress

Set Builders/Painters:
Rob Roberts III,  Dave Roberts,  Matt Hamann,  Eric Hackman,  Emily Arachtingi,  Corinna Troth, Liz Neerland,  Dave and Maggie Langenfeld,  Brian Link, Nathanael Raway,  Tim and Anne Mellesmoen, Matt and Christa Hamann,  Anne Blessing, The Ruder Family


Michael R. Morningstar - Oscar Madison
Rob Andersen - Felix Ungar

Tom Sorenson - Murray
David Warg - Speed
Eric Nelson - Vinnie
Daniel Terrell - Roy
Caitlin Weber - Cecily Loon
Sharon Mallory Moody - Gwendolyn Loon


Patti Pronschinske - Box Office Manager
Evonne Pollard - Front of House Manager
Thomas Bonneville - Graphic Designer

Andy Langenfeld - Artistic Director for Black Dirt Theater
Libby Burkitt - Executive Director for Black Dirt Theater
Robin Starch - Education Outreach Director