To be or not to be.


at Hastings Arts Center, 216 Fourth St. E., Hastings

Join Black Dirt Theater on its first foray into the rich tragedy of Shakespeare. His father poisoned, Hamlet seeks revenge against his malicious uncle, Claudius, who has seized the throne. “To be or not to be,” a lush choreographed sword fight, and a cast of talented community members punctuate this classic tale of lies, love and murder.

Thursday, Nov. 12 | 7pm Opening Performance

Friday, Nov. 13 | 7pm

Saturday, Nov. 14 | 7pm

No Performance Sunday, Nov. 15

Friday, Nov. 20 | 7pm

Saturday, Nov. 21 | 7pm

Sunday, Nov. 22 |  2pm Closing Performance

Be ridiculously fun.

Bedroom Farce

at The Onion Grille - Downtown Hastings

Their relationship on the rocks, Trevor and Susannah start rocking the boat of three other not-so-happy couples. Set in the couples’ bedrooms, the silly twist and turns of this trio of laid-up lovers leads them to a truly hilarious realization. Get ready for dysfunction, bad tempers, and some serious laughs the two weeks prior to Valentine’s Day 2016.   

Friday, Jan. 29 | 7pm (Seating at 5pm)

Saturday, Jan. 30 | 7pm (Seating at 5pm)

Sunday, Jan. 31 | 2pm (Seating at noon)

Thursday, Feb. 4 | 7pm (Seating at 5pm)

Friday, Feb. 5 | 7pm (Seating at 5pm)

Saturday, Feb. 6 | 7pm (Seating at 5pm)

Sunday, Feb. 7 | 2pm (Seating at noon)

Thursday, Feb. 11 | 7pm (Seating at 5pm)

Friday, Feb. 12 | 7pm (Seating at 5pm)

Saturday, Feb. 13 | 7pm (Seating at 5pm)

Be spontaneous.

Black Dirt Improv

at Hastings Art Center, 216 Fourth St. E., Hastings

Join the cast of creative and comedic performers of Black Dirt Improv. The group started in 2011 and has grown into a professional troupe with a roster from throughout the Twin Cities. Available for private gigs, the group performs throughout the winter and spring.

Monthly performances January thru May

Be creative.

24-Hour New Play Challenge

at Our Saviour's Lutheran Church, 400 W 9th Street, Hastings

It’s all in the name. An entire play produced and performed in one day. Get ready for some highly-concentrated creativity.

Performance Saturday, April 30th | 7pm

Be ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow.’

Wizard of Oz

Hastings High School Performing Arts Center, 200 General Sieben Dr., Hastings

A magical, musical adventure, this new production includes the beloved songs from the classic cinematic tale -- with a twist and a few surprises along the way. Join us for Black Dirt Theater’s sixth annual summer musical!

Friday, July 29 | 7pm Opening Performance

Saturday, July 30 | 7pm

Sunday, July 31 | 2pm

Wednesday, Aug. 3 | 7pm

Thursday, Aug. 4 | 7pm

No Performance Friday, Aug 5

Saturday, Aug. 6 | 7pm

Sunday, Aug. 7 | 2pm Closing Performance

Be a member.

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2014-15 Season Ticket Holders: 300

Our goal for 2015-16: 450

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Dual Improv Pass $90 This season pass is good for TWO tickets to each event in the improv season.

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