24 Hour New Play Challenge - October 2016

See more pictures by Michelle DelCastillo here.


Be creative.

This is creativity at its best! We partnered with the HHS Drama Club to create and perform brand-new theater in just 24 hours. A political comedy, a murder mystery with a twist, romance on a spaceship, and a musical in the West. This season, we added the improv team to keep everyone on their toes. 

October 7th-8th, 2016

Each piece must include the following:

Prop: A picture frame
Line of dialogue: "Whatever you're going to ask, the answer is no."



Coordinator/Acting Mentor - Caitlin Weber
Stage Managers - Molly McElroy, Michael Kelly, Jessie Langenfeld
Lighting Designer/Tech - Mark Kieffer
Writing Mentor - Robin Starch
Directing Mentor - Libby Wasylik
Acting Mentor - Tom Sorenson
Photographer - Michelle DelCastillo
Graphic Designer - Thomas Bonneville
Video - Dave Wasylik
Box Office - Aaron Henry
Marketing - Katie Zuzek

Sue Wagner
Kathy Henry
The Black Dirt Moms
John Henry
Katie Henry
Pam Girgen
Amber Castle
Bobbi Hansen
Leah King
Calonice Meiners

Kelli Tatum
Rob Andersen
Steve Soler
April Simon

Special thanks to Mike Johnson and the Hastings Senior High School 


Host: Logan Martin

Star Crossed

Genre: SciFi/Fantasy

Writer: Thomas Bonneville
Director: Aaron Henry

Andrew Miller
Leah Christine
Mikos Mitchell
Suellen Weber

The Shootin'ist

Genre: Western

Writer: Mitchell Bugni
Director: Krista Gomez

Andrea Hopkins
Eliana Lawrence
Lexie Langenfeld
Zach Filkins

Decision 2016

Genre: Comedy

Writer: Marty Weber
Director: Darlene Olson

Heidi Langenfeld
Maggie Weiss
Meghan Knapp
Shelley Jensen
Tom Sorenson

Sherlynn Jones and a Murder of Croatians

Genre: Murder/Mystery

Writer: Steve Beal
Director: Bob Lawrence

Brita Lawrence
Norman Denzer
Stacy Sarette
Thomas Renner

Improv Team: Aaron Henry, Dave Wasylik, Joren Skov, Libby Wasylik, Tom Sorenson, Zach Filkins