I Do! I Do!

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The best day of all is the day that is on its way

The two-character story spans fifty years, from 1895 to 1945, as it focuses on the ups and downs experienced by Agnes and Michael Snow throughout their marriage. The set consists solely of their bedroom, dominated by the large fourposter bed in the center of the room.

February 1 - 17, 2013



Michelle Hess - Agnes
David Wasylik - Michael

Molly McElroy - Agnes
David Blissenbach - Michael

Co-Director - Robin Starch
Co-Director & Musical Director - James Lekatz
Stage Manager - Steve Soler
Assistant Stage Manager - Caitlin Weber
Scenic Design - Ursula Bowden
Lighting Designer - Courtney Schmitz Watson
Asst. Technical Director - Jenny Moeller
Set Construction Crew - Rob Roberts III, Robin Starch
Costume Mistress - Sharon Moody
Crew - Zach Filkins
Graphic Design - Thomas Bonneville
Front-of-House Manager - Evonne Pollard
Box Office Manager - Patti Proncheski
Executive Director - Elizabeth Burkitt
Artistic Director - Andy Langenfeld