24 Hour New Play Challenge - 2016

See more pictures by Andrew Hill of Middletown Creative here.

Be creative.

24 hours, 18 actors, seven writers, six directors, one night of original theater. This is creativity at its best! We created six brand-new pieces of theater in just one day. A fairy tale melodrama, a creepy murder mystery, a beautiful Western, a horror with nuns, a jailhouse romance and a science fiction adventure (with a little music thrown in for good measure). We've got it all. 

April 29th - 30th, 2016

Each piece must include the following:

Prop: A key
Line of dialogue: "Does this look right to you?"


Coordinator/Acting Mentor - Caitlin Weber
Stage Manager - Molly McElroy
Writing Mentors - Miriam King and Steve Beal
Directing Mentor - Libby Wasylik
Photographer - Andrew Hill
Graphic Designer - Thomas Bonneville
Tech - Dave Wasylik
Box Office - Robin Starch


Darlene Olson
Sue Wagner
Krista Gomez
Renae Hill
Erin Radford
Jamie Radford
Aaron Henry
Bobbi Hansen
Mikos Mitchell

Kathy Henry
Patti Soler
The Black Dirt Moms
John Henry
John Rigg
Tom Sorenson
Suellen Weber
Pam Girgen
Donna Girgen

Special thanks to Our Saviour's Lutheran Church for the use of their space and Locally Grown Theatre for the use of their stage platforms.


Bad Blood

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Writer: Beth Adams
Director: Noah Burkitt

Mary McCord
Michele Myrick
Leah King

Love Hangover

Genre: Romance

Writer: Michael Kelly
Director: Tom Sorenson

Ryan Hill
Kari McCord
Michael Breeden

The Brogonauts

Genre: SciFi/Fantasy

Writer: Mitchell Bugni
Director: Steve Soler

Amber Richards
Thomas Renner
Lindsey Letendre


Genre: Melodrama/Soap Opera

Writers: Stephanie Beckel & Laura Pride
Director: Steve Beal

Stacy Sarette
Heidi Langenfeld
Allison Amy
Megan Hill

The Box

Genre: Murder/Mystery

Writer: Thomas Bonneville
Director: Joren Skov

Andie Moore
Thomas Henry
Maggie Weiss

Ghost Town

Genre: Western

Writer: Kelsey Speaks
Director: Michelle DelCastillo

Lexie Langenfeld
Jessi Bienfang