Bedroom Farce

Be ridiculously fun.

See more pictures by Andrew Hill of Middletown Creative here.

Their relationship on the rocks, Trevor and Susannah start rocking the boat of three other not-so-happy couples. Set in the couples’ bedrooms, the silly twist and turns of this trio of laid-up lovers leads them to a truly hilarious realization. Get ready for dysfunction, bad tempers, and some serious laughs the two weeks prior to Valentine’s Day 2016.     


Artistic Director - Robin Starch
Director - Molly McElroy
Director - Zach Filkins
Stage Manager - Bri Kolmer
Stage Manager - Michael Farber
Costumes/Hair/Makeup - Sharon Moody, Debra Mallery
Props - Suellen Weber, Bri Kolmer, Zach Filkins, Anne Blessing
Set Designer - Alden Peterson
Lighting Designer - Mark Kieffer
Sound Design - Erik Pearson
Graphic Design - Thomas Bonneville, Andrew Hill
Photographer - Andrew Hill
PR/Marketing - Kaitlyn Walsh
Box Office - Evonne Pollard

Outreach Cast

Delia - Suellen Weber
Ernest - Scott McPherson

The Outreach team is taking Delia and Ernest's bedroom on the road! Have a laugh as you watch Delia and Ernest reminisce about their marriage on the eve of their 30th wedding anniversary. 

Saturday, Feb. 6th | 2pm @ Augustana Health Care Center - Hastings, MN
Tuesday, Feb. 9th | 6:30pm @ Regina Medical Center - Hastings, MN


Delia – Patrice Veit
Ernest – Ricky Jacobson
Kate – Leah King
Malcolm – Joseph Nickell
Jan – Caitlin Weber
Nick – James Lane
Susannah – Lela Olson
Trevor – Steve Beal