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Stories of second chances

An artfully woven blend of music, visual art and stunning live theater, this show digs deep into the themes of redemption and rebirth--inspired by stories from the community.

March 22 - 29, 2013


Courtney Schmitz Watson - Lighting Designer
Ursula Bowden - Set Designer
Ash Miller - Sound Designer
Andrew Hill - Sound Engineer
Carrie Denzer - Assistant Stage Manager
Thomas Bonneville - Graphic Designer
Evonne Pollard - Front-of-House Manager
Patti Pronchinske - Box Office Manager

Andy Langenfeld - Playwright, Co-Director, Artistic Director for B.D.T.
Eric Nelson - Co-Director
Libby Burkitt - Art Director, Executive Director for B.D.T.
Robin Starch - Assistant Director, Director of Education and Outreach for B.D.T.
Andrea Schoening - Stage Manager
Nathanael Raway - Composer
Anna Fink - Costume Designer




Nathanael Raway
Henry Raway
Matt Blackford
Zack Johnson
Ben Lodahl

Rob Andersen - Ken, Martin
Debbie Carroll Freiermuth - Melanie
Zach Filkins - Peter
Darcy Fuchs - Heather, Nurse
Faye Heffele - Esther
Tom Henry - Uncle Bill, Doctor, Jacob
Danelle Kurtz - Pam
Justin Lewis - John, Scott
Molly McElroy - Faith
Michele Myrick - Val
Steve Soler - Dick
Mikaela Vogland - Mary, Jessica
David Warg - Dennis
Nick Wolf - Stan