Arsenic and Old Lace

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Everyone is entitled to their secrets

"Arsenic & Old Lace" centers on two elderly sisters who are famous in their Brooklyn neighborhood for their numerous acts of charity. Unfortunately, however, their charity includes poisoning lonely old men who come to their home looking for lodging.

October 17 - 27, 2013


Diogo Lopes - Director
Steve Soler - Stage Manager
John Lutz - Set Designer
Andrea Schoening - Costume Designer
Laura Nicholas - Assistant Stage Manager

Evonne Pollard - Front of House Manager
Patti Pronschinske - Box Office Manager
Thomas Bonneville - Graphic Designer
Kelli Tatum - Office Manager
Robin Starch - Outreach & Education, Director for Black Dirt Theater
Libby Wasylik - Executive Director of Black Dirt Theater
Andy Langenfeld - Artistic Director of Black Dirt Theater



Room 4:

Rob Andersen - Mortimer
Steve Beal - Dr. Einstein
Megan Hill - Jonathan
Danelle Kurtz - Elaine
Debbie Law - Klein
Caitlin Weber - Abby
Suellen Weber - Martha

Room 5:

Anthony Alongi - Mortimer
Deborah Carroll Freiermuth - Klein
Regan Gove - Jonathan
George Litt - Dr. Einstein
Kari McCord - Martha
Scott Mcpherson - Teddy
Rachel Sager - Abby

Room 6:

Lindsey Anderson - Elaine
Noah Burkitt - Dr. Einstein
Todd Caughey - Teddy
Allison Dulka - Lieutenant
Reggie Bauer - Klein
Aaron Henry - Mortimer
Rose Johnson - Martha
Ken Langenfeld - O'Hara
Janet Mondloh - Abby
Jerry Paulsen - Witherspoon
ack Sullivan -Jonathan

Room 1:

David Fredericks - Klein
Shelley Jensen - Abby
Diana Langenfeld - Martha
Molly McElroy - Elaine
Tom  Sorenson - Mortimer
Timothy Taylor - Reverend
Dave Wasylik - Teddy

Room 2:

Christina Bigelow - Martha
Joe Bigelow - Mortimer
Marissa Kolmer - Elaine
Michele Myrick - Abby

Room 3:

Abby Anderson - Elaine
Matthew Anderson - Mr. Spenalzo
Thomas Henry -  Jonathan
Ken Johnson - Dr. Einstein
Cary Nygaard - Mr Hoskins
Martha Sullivan - Martha
Libby Ungar - Abby
David Warg - Teddy