About: "Meet the Poes"

It's the last day of the family reunion, Grandparents June and Jerry have made an announcement which affects each of their adult children and grandchildren differently. Throwing the weekend into disarray, and sparking a fire of confusion from everyone. If you like Carol Burnett's "Mama's Family," you're sure to enjoy this Black Dirt original!

Show Dates and Times

  • March 31st- 7:00 pm
  • April 1st- 7:00 pm
  • April 2nd- NO SHOW 
  • April 7th- 7:00 pm
  • April 8th- 7:00 pm
  • April 9th- 2:00 pm

The Cast

The cast is still changing and adding new members, so not all cast members are pictured. 

Joren Skov as Rob

Hi! I'm a huge dork/nerd type, I love adventures and laughter. I do improv in my free time to help me stay sane. I have a deep love and respect for animals and nature. And I always feel slightly strange writing sentences about myself.


Amber Richards as Thea

I started performing with Black Dirt Theater about 2 years ago. It was the first time I had done theater since elementary school. This show will be my fourth Black Dirt Theater show and my first as part of the main cast. I'm so incredibly excited for this opportunity!

Scott McPherson as Grandpa Jerry 

I like Black Dirt because it is a fun time for all. For a old guy like me, everyone keeps me feeling young. I am retired firefighter and prison guard. I still part time for Cub.


Leah King as Samantha 

I am a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) and also adjunct faculty at Dakota County Technical College. I love rock climbing and target shooting with my brother and hiking and watching movies with my sister. I like singing and riding my motorcycle. I'm a daredevil and I love adventuring with friends (especially Tom!) and trying new things! I love theater because of the fun I have performing and rehearsing with great people! I am part of the Black Dirt Comedy Improv team for the 3rd year this season.

Jordan Goette as Tony

This is my forth project with Black Dirt Theater. Outside of Black Dirt, I have worked with New Seed Theatre, performed at the One Minute play festival, and in 2015 I wrote and directed a show for the MN Fringe Festival. Offstage, I enjoy traveling, Pandas, Chanel, and writing greeting cards. I recently discovered I am a Carrie and that he's fluent is sarcasm and cynicism.

Shelley Kurzeka-Jung

This is my first year being a part of Black Dirt Theater, and I am excited for the chance to possibly have more years to come. I was inspired by my friend to audition for Improv, and am excited to give it a chance! My favorite show, was performed at the Children’s Theater, and she saw it with her family, it was “A Year With Frog and Toad.” I think that red is a good color to describe me because it is bright and boisterous. I am liking my experience and hoping to join us for more to come!   


Landri Hinsch as Sheri 

I'm a student at Hastings middle school. I'm in 8th grade. My favorite subject is art. I like to paint mostly with watercolor. I play soccer and run track. My favorite events are the 200 and 100 meter dash and long jump.

Jerry Paulsen as Harvey

Some people tell me I'm a punny guy. I'm an IT developer by day and punster at night. I'm glad to be back with Black Dirt theater, getting back together with friends I've been able to perform with before, and meeting new people I haven't had the chance to meet before. My college friends tossed me the nickname of Jerry the Joker. hmm, was there a little song that went with it?

Stacy Sarette as Aunt Judy

I love theater and I love comedy. There is something about bringing smiles and laughter to an audience that can't be beat. It's one of the greatest feelings in the world.

The Crew 

Thomas Bonneville- Director

I'm a freelance graphic designer who works with many local individuals and organizations. I enjoy a variety of activities but focus my energy on spending time with my friends, playing a round of Pub Trivia weekly, and catching up on movies as often as I can. I've had a variety of jobs in my adult life, and value each of them for the experience they have provided me. And, of course - I'm grateful for the opportunities that Black Dirt Theater has given me, especially in my ever-growing interest in the more technical aspects of theater.

Stacy Sarette- Prop Manager

Maggie Weiss- Stage Manager


Michael Kelly- Stage Mannager

Bobbi McCauley- Costume Manager