Show Information: 

Performance Dates:

  • Friday, July 28th @ 7 pm
  • Saturday, July 29th @ 7 pm
  • Sunday, July 30th @ 2 pm
  • Wednesday, August 2nd @ 7 pm
  • Thursday, August 3rd @ 7 pm 
  • Friday, August 4th- NO SHOW 
  • Saturday, August 5th @ 7 pm
  • Sunday, August 6th @ 2:00 

Audition Information: 

Our Promise: We will do everything in our power to make this a really fun, stress-free hour for all participants! 

WHO Auditions When: 

CHILDREN (12 and under) audition Thursday, June 1st 5:30-8:30pm in the Hastings High School Commons.

ADULTS (13 and up) audition Thursday Mayth 25 5:00-9:00pm in the Hastings High School Commons, Friday May 26th 6:00- 9:00 pm in the Hastings High School Commons, and Friday June 2nd 6:00- 9:00 pm at the Hastings Arts Center. (See below for addresses.) 

**If the audition times do not work for you please email to make adjustments. 

CALLBACKS will be Saturday June 3rd 3:00- 5:00pm at the Hastings Arts Center. (See below for addresses.)

WHAT will auditions be like?

Each audition will take about 40 minutes. Arrive at the Hastings High School Commons area or the Hastings Arts Center depending on the day. (Addresses are listed below.) 5 minutes before your audition time slot. 

At that time you will: Fill out an audition sheet (PLEASE bring your complete calendar of conflicts from June 3rd to August 7th. You will have your photo taken, learn the dance, then go in and audition for the creative team. After you give everyone high-fives, you are all done!  

WHERE will auditions be? 

Hastings High School Commons Area, 200 General Sieben Drive; Hastings, MN 55033 (For adult auditions on May 25th and 26th, and Kid Auditions on June 1st.) 

Hastings Arts Center, 216 4th St. E; Hastings, MN 55033 (For adult uditions on June 2nd and Call backs on June 3rd.)

WHAT to prepare: 

The music selections for each of the roles can be found by clicking the button below that reads "Audition Music". Once in that folder of music choose the song that fits your hope for auditions and sing that song during your audition. There will be a track of the music to sing with at your audition as well. 

We do not have a dance ready for you at your audition yet, however if we end up with a video for it it will be posted on our website and we will email you if you have already signed up. 

WHAT to Wear: 

Wear comfortable clothes that you can dance in. You will be practicing the prior to your audition.

Tips of the Trade:

Relax as much as you can, be yourself, and enjoy getting to have a creative time where you get to sing and dance. 


We will send out the call-back list on FRIDAY JUNE 2nd, after the auditions are completed in the for the kids that night. Call backs will be 3:00-5:00 on Saturday, June 3rd at the Hastings Arts Center. If you would like to have a lead role you should especially be keeping this time open in your schedule. If you are not on the call back list that DOES NOT mean that you are not in the show, there will just be some people that we will not need to see again before deciding their best fit role!

    Requirements of Cast Members:

    We do not have our cast and crew pay to be a part of our experience for the show, but we do require that each person helps us with at least one volunteer opportunity during the show. We will email this information to you at the same time that the official cast is sent out to accept roles.