Mary Poppins

Be Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

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Something is rotten in the state of Denmark

Join Black Dirt Theater on its first foray into the rich tragedy of Shakespeare. His father poisoned, Hamlet seeks revenge against his malicious uncle, Claudius, who has seized the throne. “To be or not to be,” a lush choreographed sword fight, and a cast of talented community members punctuate this classic tale of lies, love and murder.

Thursday, Nov. 12 | 7pm Opening Performance
Friday, Nov. 13 | 7pm
Saturday, Nov. 14 | 7pm
No Performance Sunday, Nov. 15
Friday, Nov. 20 | 7pm
Saturday, Nov. 21 | 7pm
Sunday, Nov. 22 |  2pm Closing Performance


Director / Set Designer / Costumes - Libby Wasylik
Assistant Director - Steve Soler
Stage Manager / Graphic Designer - Thomas Bonneville
Assistant Stage Manager - Bri Kolmer
Fight Choreographer - Meredith Larson
Lighting Designer - Mark Kieffer
Set Construction - John Henry
Costume Assistant - Kathy Henry
Property Manager - Suellen Weber
Photographer - Andrew Hill
Box Office Manager - Patti Pronschinske
Front of House Manager - Evonne Pollard


King Claudius - Rob Andersen
Cornelius - Thomas Renner
Voltimand - Martha Sullivan
Laertes - Joren Skov
Polonius - Kari McCord
Queen Gertrude - Kelli Tatum
Hamlet - Tom Henry
Horatio - Logan Ritchie
Marcellus/Attendant 1 - Alexander Tribe
Ophelia - Leah Christine
Ghost - Michael Kelly
Rosencrantz - Tom Sorenson
Guildenstern - Zach Filkins

Player 1 - Molly McElroy
Player 2 - Melody Bowers
Player 4 - Amber Richards
Player 5 - Agnes Rzepecki
Osric - Jordan Goette
Attendant 2 - Tristan Radtke
First Clown - Caitlin Weber
Second Clown - Talia Wendlandt
Fortinbras - Noah Burkitt
Priest/Ensemble - David Wasylik



Darlene Olson
Faye Heffele
Hollie Greenwood
Jack Sullivan
Jerry Paulsen
Mary McAlpin
Michael Kelly
Scott McPherson
Steph Beckel


Outreach Cast

Faye Heffele
Mary McAlpin

The Outreach Cast for Hamlet is working together to share one of Shakespeare's greatest plays with even more members of the community! Making stops at the Hastings Senior Center, Regina Medical Center, and Villa Parks Senior Living (Roseville, MN), the Outreach Cast will tackle the entire play in under 30 minutes.  The tragedy of Hamlet turned comical, quick, and campy.