Arsenic & Old Lace
October 2013
After discovering his aunts are murdering local men as acts of charity, Mortimer attempts to thwart further bloodshed by blaming his already mentally unstable cousin Teddy who believes himself to be Theodore Roosevelt.
Improv Comedy Showdown
December 2013 - April 2014
Improv Comedy is theater’s most extreme sport and this showdown couldn't be more intense. With high stakes competition and no-holds-barred funny-bone-crunching comedy, the Black team takes on the red team to win. If you like Who's Line is it Anyway or Comedy Sportz, you'll love Improv comedy showdown.
Steel Magnolias
February 2014
From life threatening decisions to blossoming friendships and new identities, Steel Magnolias follows the complex lives of six women from Truvy's Beauty Parlour.
Spring 2014
Local community members have come together to produce seven separate original one act plays each portraying different perspectives on Hastings. One town, six points of view.
Joseph and The Amazing Technicholor Dreamcoat
Summer 2014
Yep this year we are pulling out all the stops to bring to life the biggest loudest colorful-est show of all time. This will be one for the ages.